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A Network of Networks;
A Platform for Integrated Cooperation between Various Ecosystems

With emerging technologies advancing so rapidly, a growing number of networks are being established every day. These networks have differences and similarities at the same time. Taking advantage of their similarities, OpporNet has been set up to connect a wide variety of networks, thus eliminating the need for every individual becoming a member of various networks. Read here about the distinctive features of OpporNet.

In recent decades, many initiatives have been launched for the advancement of emerging technologies at the national, regional and international levels. These initiatives are aimed at creating and developing knowledge, innovation, and business ecosystems so as to support stakeholders in various fields of technology and industry.

Owing to their support, many networks have lately been set up with numerous members, including researchers and academics, research centers and laboratories, pilot plants and innovation hubs, startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, and large corporations.

Depending on the initiative type and the nature of its activities, each network has different functions, mechanisms, and databanks, but despite the variety their subjects and functions, these networks can all be defined and categorized within the knowledge, innovation, and business ecosystems, mainly because they have mostly been defined and built up based on island-like designs, and thus have similar functions and common organizations. The island-like design of these networks has not only hampered their integrated management at the macro level but has also prevented their synergistic performance.

Cooperation and interaction between different networks can enhance their synergy, thereby increasing their capabilities. Hence, OpporNet seeks to develop a platform that supports this interaction, facilitates matchmaking between various networks, and provides an infrastructure for communication and collaboration between different ecosystems.




Some of the unique features of OpporNet that distinguish this platform from its counterparts are listed as follows:

     - multiple networks can be set up (each network has its own admins/stakeholders);

     - data structure of each network can be determined by the admin;

     - the admin can create multiple-structured profiles;

     - each profile can be set to public or private;

     - public databases can have interaction;

     - its search engine works with all indexed public data;

     - it makes possible to search in selected networks;

     - it makes possible to shake hands with other platforms if necessary;

     - members can gain access to its cooperation matchmaking facility;

     - it provides an intelligent way for making connections and keeping updated;

     - it offers a central search engine.