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Networking, Communication, Matchmaking, and Visioning, All-in-One.

Looking for a business partner?
An investor, international collaboration?
Tired of worrying about the first impression?
Desperate to find a comprehensive network of expertise?

OpporNet is the Panacea!

OpporNet is a unique digital platform providing members with the opportunity to share their economy ideas, benefit from special services, and explore opportunities for mutually beneficial collaborations, all by means of a modern search engine. Business matchmaking is the cynosure of this interactive and participatory digital platform which specifically cultivates contact between potential business partners and facilitates international cooperation, along with providing access to authentic, up-to-date information, and trend analysis which paves the way for business vision planning. OpporNet network is connected to a number of networks such as EPPN, Nano H2020, and Nano Gateway, whose information and statistical data are also available to OpporNet members.

The target audience and main stakeholders of OpporNet are regional and national policymakers; general government and public sectors; industries, projects, and facilities; research institutes and academia; private profit sectors, SMEs, and LEs; clusters and network managers; individual researchers and students; and business angel investors; all of whom can receive enormous benefits of OpporNet membership which include unlimited access to a comprehensive network of knowledge and expertise, providing quality interactions and opportunities for sharing innovative ideas, a higher return on time by refining existing products and services, and last but by no means least, making connections for business exchange and international cooperation.


In essence, OpporNet is an efficient way to harness smart technology to drum up business. This platform offers detailed information for knowledge-based intelligence to enhance decision making; facilitates the collaboration of practitioners, engineers, and scientists for the advancement of science and technology in the fields of nanotechnology and advanced materials; offers business matchmaking services allowing technology providers to get connected with end user companies; provides opportunities to establish business partner networks related to innovations in the fields of nanotechnology and advanced materials in the manufacturing and industry sector which ultimately facilitate and expedite product development;  allows to target the most promising pilot projects and chain values, and make connections with financing instruments and investors.

OpporNet network is now available to natural persons as well as juridical persons.


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